Mainstay Energy -- Jobs, Environment, and National Security

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The clean energy industry has the largest potential among emerging industries to deliver new, well-paying jobs for American workers.



The "business as usual" system for energy is straining the environment, but overzealous green activism is not the needed response.  Let's find a balance.



National Security
The 21st century will be known one day as the Age of Energy.  The very survival of our nation depends on our ability to develop domestic energy production.


Innovative Development of Energy Projects

Mainstay Energy is a developer of energy projects specializing in Innovative Development.  Our methods are innovative with regards to the technology, finance, and human capital brought to bear. But  the end goals are very simple: Jobs, Environment, and National Security.

We are busy developing the next generation of energy in the United States, and are champions of many forms of alternative and renewable energy, including biofuels, solar photovoltaics, wind, combined heat and power (cogeneration), and gasification.  However, the technology is not the focus, only in that it is a means to the end: Jobs, Environment, and National Security.

Jobs: Every project we are involved in should provide high-value well-paying jobs for Americans.  As of 2011, the United States balance of trade was over $550 billion, with over half of that attributed to energy.  That means that we are sending money overseas that could be used to employ Americans back at home in well-paying jobs.  Mainstay Energy works to build the domestic job market with every project.

Environment: Mainstay Energy is committed to sustainability as a criterion for project success.  This means developing environmentally responsible forms of energy.  This means development that focuses on reducing harmful emissions, wastewater, greenhouse gases (CO2), and other environmental degradation.

National Security: The United States' dependence on imported energy has made us vulnerable to disruptions from foreign powers.  Mainstay Energy works on projects that contribute to the energy independence of the US.  We believe that a strong America is an America that can domestically produce all its own transportation fuels, thermal energy, and electricity.

Mainstay's forte is on early stage development of these projects: Feasibility Studies, Developmental Studies, and Pre-Construction Finance.  We also provide expert consulting for your due diligence efforts, and can help to finance renewable energy through the use of renewable energy certificates (RECs) and greenhouse gas (GHG) offsets.

Please contact us to discuss taking your project through the methodology:

  • Conceptualization
  • Site selection
  • Land purchase or lease
  • Local approvals
  • Environmental permitting
  • Power or offtake sales
  • Electrical interconnection
  • Thermal energy sales (if any)
  • Fuel supply
  • Fuel transportation
  • Water supply
  • Wastewater disposal
  • Ash disposal (if applicable)
  • Project financing
  • Engineering, procurement and construction
  • Operation and maintenance

Mainstay Energy is also available for consulting engagements and speaking opportunities.