Mainstay is your partner to kick the tires on an intriguing deal

Technology Assessment

It seems that every day brings press releases about new energy technology innovations claiming to revolutionize and upend the status quo. As your advisor in a technology assessment, Mainstay will help you understand whether a potential technology will likely prove to be revolutionary, evolutionary, or a non-event. Engage Mainstay as part of your due diligence effort prior to investing in a novel idea.

Risk Analysis

Energy developers are notorious for understating risks, compressing timelines, low-balling budgets. Mainstay provides investors with an objective third-party expert view of the development status of a project. We will help uncover hidden obstacles or flaws in order to provide you with a realistic view of time and budget. Let Mainstay work hand-in-hand with the rest of your diligence team, legal, financial, senior management, for a comprehensive view of an opportunity.

Economic Feasibility

Energy pro forma financial analyses are notoriously difficult, with expected outcomes highly dependent on inputs of capex, opex, commodity forecasts, and technology variability which can all be difficult to predict. Mainstay will provide you with a seasoned, objective view on the financial modeling of an energy project, helping you to explore the range of potential outcomes, as well as potential exit strategies..