Features Overview

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Mainstay Risk

We help you answer difficult questions using advanced statistical risk modeling.

  • What are my likely profits from this strategy?

  • How can I manage commodity volatility?

  • What is the is chance this project is completed on time and on budget

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Mainstay Development

.That clean energy project isn’t going to build itself. Mainstay will bring together a team to get your project from concept to construction start

  • Pilot/demonstration plants

  • Manage technology, operational, financing risk

  • All necessary disciplines: site selection, real estate, permitting, engineering, finance, government incentives

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Mainstay Carbon Capture

Mainstay provides boutique development services specifically in the fast-growing carbon capture industry.

  • How can carbon capture be applied to my business?

  • Is carbon capture feasible for my project? What are the costs?

  • How can captured CO2 be managed?