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The clean energy industry has the largest potential among emerging industries to deliver new, well-paying jobs for American workers.



The "business as usual" system for energy is straining the environment, but overzealous green activism is not the needed response.  Let's find a balance.



National Security
The 21st century will be known one day as the Age of Energy.  The very survival of our nation depends on our ability to develop domestic energy production.




Mainstay Consulting

Due Diligence


Need expert advice on a business plan, new energy technology, or potential project investment?  Mainstay can help you evaluate complex opportunities, in order to understand if they are a good fit with your particular risk/reward and portfolio approach.


Biofuels Services

Mainstay can assist in getting ethanol and biodiesel plants from concept to construction finance.  We will develop and structure a project deal, and if needed, get you in front of interested financiers.  Services include site selection and acquisition, resource assessment, marketing of offtakes, engineering coordination, and EPC reviews.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) 

Let the experts at Mainstay Energy locate find a credit-worthy long-term buyer for your project offtake.  We specialize particularly in maximizing the value of a green + brown power (that is, selling power and RECs together).  We will arrange the contract terms, help negotiate a great offer, and get you a signed agreement.  Fees are entirely success-based.

Information Technology Practice

Mainstay Energy principals additionally have years of experience in information technology, and work with energy firms on IT-intensive issues such as Billing, Broadband over Power Lines (BPL), or Cyber-security.

Technology Practice

Mainstay Energy will provide a detailed assessment of any energy technology offering.  Our report will look at feasibility, economics, competitors, and market outlook.

Green Power Marketing

Mainstay Energy has years of expertise in the marketing of Green Power, on the wholesale and retail level.  We can assist with finding buyers for renewable energy certificates (RECs), developing a marketing program, or launching a green pricing program.